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Extreme Green Recycling

  • 7600 Detour Ave.
  • Cleveland, OH 44103

Extreme Green Recycling's Services


Syrofoam Services

We accept and process white EPS#6 styrofoam. We start by removing any tape, labels and glue. It is then processed two different ways: we densify it into blocks or we grind it into beads for toy stuffed animal stuffing. We cannot accept food container styrofoam.

Cardboard Services

We accept loose or baled cardboard. Loose cardboard is baled into 1000 lb. bales and shipped to papermills to make recycled boxes.

Wood Pallets

We buy-sell-repair wood pallets. We only accept certain sizes, please call for details. Plastic pallets are accepted and recycled. (Possible rebates to customer.)

Soft Plastic Services

We accept all forms of plastic wrap or shrink wrap, loose or baled. This item is easy to recycle, but though on landfills.

Hard Plastic Services

All plastic molders have scrap. We can pick up your scrap. We then grind the material into small regrind which allows it to be reprocessed into other plastic applications. (Possible rebates to customer.)

Paper Services

Gaylord Services

We buy and sell gaylords. (Possible rebate to customer.)

IBC Tote Services

55 Ballon Plastic Barrel Services

Fiber Drum Services

Toll Grinding

We offer this service to companies that do not have grinding capabilities. Our toll grinding is done on a timely basis and your grind is clean and well packaged, labeled with all weights. (Possible rebates to customer.)

Mixed Loads

Some of our customers are limited on space, so we will stage a trailer at their dock which allows them to load the trailer as they have recyclable items. When the trailer is full, we bring an empty one and take the full trailer. After we sort and process it, all that remains is a small amount of trash. (Possible rebates to customer.)