Our Green Initiative: Recycle today for a better tomorrow.


Extreme Green Recycling

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About Extreme Green Recycling

    Welcome to Extreme Green Recycling. By choosing us, you are choosing a Green Future for yourself and your company. We recognize the negative effect we all have on the environment in our every day product and service environment. It is our belief that recycling can be done with small steps to day by everyone and this will have big changes in our future. Won’t you join us with our goal to make our planet Earth a greener place to live.


Our Services And Items We Recycle...

Cardboard Wood Pallets
Soft Plastic
Hard Plastic
Gaylords IBC Totes 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels Fiber Drums  Toll Grinding 

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Testimonials From Our Customers

Extreme Green Recycling provides an excellent service by picking up our scrap plastic and paying us for them to help with the loss. Excellent job, always timely pick ups with prompt payments.
Peter H.
President / Plastic Molding Company
We have a very high volume of pallets, by staging a trailer at our warehouse, this has eliminated much needed space in our warehouse along with us getting paid for them. Thank you.
Thomas B.
Warehouse Manager / Retail Distribution
We use hundreds of pallets per week, they are always accommodating to our needs and will deliver on short notice. Great job, Thanks guys.
Susan R.
Owner / Manufacturing Facility
Thank you for all that you provide, the fact that you pick up multiple types of recyclables, makes my job much easier.
Michael Bostwick
Recycling Manager / Injection Molding Company
I would be lost without cardboard. Nice work on your cardboard. You won't regret it. It's exactly what I've been looking for.
Quentin H.
I could probably go into sales for you. I am really satisfied with my gaylords. Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it.
Phillis R.
Styrofoam is worth much more than I paid. Styrofoam is exactly what our business has been lacking. We were treated like royalty.
Garret U.

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